The Pretty Brand is proudly presented to Australia by The Allure Trading Group. You will love the broad range of truly affordable beauty, nail, lip, cosmetic, cotton, tissue, and skincare products as well as various essential accessories. Once you experience the smells, textures, colours, glitter and innovative must-have items, you will become a Pretty Brand advocate.

Most of The Pretty Brand items are available in commercial quantities and if you have any questions whatsoever, just drop the Pretty Team an email, or go to the Contact Us page and we will be sure to get back to you.

Some common expressions are:

  • You never get a second chance to give a good first impression
  • You can’t judge a book by its cover
  • Love at first sight

These may seem to contradict each other, but honestly how we look and appear to others does indeed matter! More important, is how we feel about how we look. If we know we have done our best to look good then we will be much more confident, whether that be a first date, job interview, photo shoot, party, social event, trade show or all-important business meeting.

The Pretty Brand is dedicated to bringing a little creativity and pizazz into run-of-the-mill everyday life, giving you on-this-go sparkle and glamour. Go to the Products page and download the beautiful range of brochures and enjoy perusing all Pretty has to offer. Make everyday a Pretty day.

Would you like to become a Pretty Brand listed stockist? Send an enquiry via the Contact Us page and get Pretty in-store soon.